How can we help

How Modurstang can help you:

We specialise in taking stock Mustangs and making them into something exceptional.

  • Modify body styling, including specialist paintwork
  • Tune engines including installation and set up of NOS systems, Superchargers, Turbo’s,
  • Cams. With or without spring and fazers
  • Dress up kits, strut brace, underdrive pulleys
  • Upgrade the drive train, Clutch and Short shifters
  • Set up of chassis with adjustable control arms, Caster camber plates, etc.
  • Upgrade brakes and suspension
  • Bespoke exhaust systems, headers, H / X pipes, back boxes, bypass valves / cutouts
  • Diagnostics with OBDII and Allen Computer Test Centre.
  • Interior gauges, starter button, ICE
  • Cage and harness

We are not tied to any specific manufacturers or parts, as we are an independent, so anything from the list below are available, plus anything else that you may require.

We have previously installed components from all of these manufactures, and know we can trust them to perform when you need it most.

If you do not see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask.

how we can help

an example of a car with significant modifications which we completed last year (2015)

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