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Modurstang Customer Reviews

Take a look at our reviews which show our customers satisfaction and appreciation of our work here.

Ian Murray

I have made several visits to Modurstang over the last four years with two USA imported cars.  Both needed long lists of work ranging from engine refresh, gearbox change and complete underside rebuild to mechanical upgrades.  Mike and his team have a wealth of expertise and all their work is carried out to craftsman quality standards.

Whatever your Mustang needs are this specialist business will be able to meet them, supply parts and even fabricate obscure missing pieces.

No doubt I’ll need to make further visits to Modurstang, and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to restore or improve any Mustang from first generation to modern machines.

Clive Naylor

I know its been said before but !!!!
I took my Roush for its service today, (260 mile round trip ) from Sheffield (great excuse to drive)
Mike really looked after me and my car !
Full service and had a couple of extras done (LCA’s and front marker lights)
Their attention to detail is fantastic, highly recommended

Daryl Foley

I would just like to say a big thanks to Mike at Modurstang for his excellent work and service this week just gone. I picked up my car from Mike at the weekend after deciding to use his services for the first time mainly based on the very positive comments and feedback on MOCGB from the guys. My car needed a major service, new clutch & flywheel, bonnet repairs and re paint. The whole experience has been superb from start to finish from Mike, being a top bloke, offering outstanding service, with a quality of work second to none, with an equally fantastic paint job done by Nic, his paint pro.  Lastly not forgetting Karen with the self confessed top tea making skills! All together a great bunch of people and a great experience and I would, and will recommend Modurstang to all.

Thanks again. Daryl Foley

Trevor of Surrey Mustangs

I thoroughly recommend Modurstang. Mike is a technician of the ‘old school’ who’s ethos is very much in line with my own. I don’t think there is any other UK Mustang ‘specialist’ who can hold a candle to Mike’s skill and knowledge and I wish him all the best.

Colin Hall

Hi everyone, had my HID headlights fitted to my Transam by MODURSTANG and what a great job they have done first class workmanship, these guys know what their doing and the lights are just out of this world,I would highly recommend these guys and will be looking to get HIDS in Wendy’s mustang later on. A big thank you to Mike, Lee, and Tom

Eduardo de Sousa

After a fault showing on the code reader, Mike took the straight decision today, to drive straight to me, 4 hours away, to sort the problem out. What more can you say. THANK YOU !!!


Wendy Hall

Deep down inside, I always wanted a Mustang. So in 2011 my husband, Colin, and I decided it was time to get my dream car.
We searched on the Internet for about 2 months. Then one day I got a phone call at work from Colin saying he had found a 2005 Mustang with 11,500 miles on the clock. He then arranged to see it and we collected a few days later. (August 2011)

We decided we wanted to have a body kit fitted, so Colin did a bit of researching ( We had been to shows, spoken to different people who could supply and fit body kits, but never felt totally happy) then we came across We went and spoke to Mike on December 20th for 1.5 hours where Mike made us feel really welcome and had a lot of time for us. Colin and I came out of Modurstang that day, knowing that was the company who was going to fit our body kit. Mike really knows his stuff. I could have sat there all day listening to him talking.

So on 21st Jan 2012 we drove my Mustang to Modurstang and left it there. After a few weeks, Mike called to say the Mustang was ready to collect, so on 22nd Feb we went back to Modurstang to collect my Mustang. We pulled up and saw Mike stood in front of the car and when he moved away, I could not believe my eyes.! The car looked completely different. I was speechless and had to keep walking around it. I could not believe the difference.! I’m amazed at what Mike has done.

So any one out there who is looking to do anything with their Mustang, please give Mike a call at Modurstang. You won’t be disappointed I promise you. A big big thank you for making my dream come true. It’s amazing and I’m still speechless. Every time I look out my window I can’t believe it’s the same car. Many thanks. Wendy.

Keith Dube

After speaking with Mike on MOCGB and on the phone, I drove down to Modurstang to have a proper chat and to let Mike have a look at the car. To see if he wanted to take on a job this frought with problems.

First impressions were good. Nice clean workshop and examples of his work to look at. Decided to leave the car with him so he could look over it properly and formulate a plan to sort out all the issues. The list was long! I also had a few other bits in mind to do, so whilst it was there, I had those done as well. Things like having a front tow eye made and fitted. New exhaust system made. Front brake cooling ducts made. The two primary issues were the drive belt shredding and the various oil leaks. The belt problem had us all scratching our heads, but Mike found a bolt behind the water pump that was doing all the damage. Something that many others had tried to find and failed with.  Every step of the way Mike kept me informed of progress, even though the faster we were getting through the list, more problems were found and added to it.

Mike didn’t let it get to him, or hid it well if it did. Each time the car was nearly finished, another little problem would rear it’s ugly head. We came to the conclusion that the car simply wanted to stay with Mike. Long jobs like this can break your spirit. It broke mine, which is why I had to find someone to take it on to sort out these problems.
Fast forward to last Friday. Sun was shining, and I was off to Mike’s to pick it up. On approaching his workshop, we could see my car sitting outside. Clean, polished and looking good. Such a change from last time I picked it up from Addrenaline! Mike clearly takes pride in his work. After going through all the jobs and work, we had a cup of tea and I prepared myself to release the grip on my money, and I’ve got a strong grip! Drove home (with the roof down of course) Felt good to be driving it again. It has been out of action for almost two years now. Spoke to Mike when I got home, to ask a couple of questions and let him know all was well. Mike even called me the following day, as a follow up to make sure I was happy. Looking forward to actually enjoying the car this year. I have missed out on a lot of events recently. Hope to see some of you soon.

Thanks  Mike.


David Johnson-Stockwell

Following our initial visit to discuss the option of having a Supercharger fitted to our 2012 Ford F150 Raptor, I would like to say that your advice and recommendation that a Roush 2300 Supercharger and catback exhaust system be fitted were certainly the right decisions to have made. It has totally transformed our truck so that not only does it look good, it sounds absolutely amazing and does exactly what it says on the packet. It’s now the vehicle it should have been in the first place.

It is very rare these days to find a business that follows through on everything it promises, by keeping in constant contact, providing regular updates, giving the client the opportunity to discuss alternative options and finally delivering the goods bang on time and in perfect working order. I cannot thank you and Lee enough for the hard work you put into our Raptor.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and should the need ever arise it would be our pleasure to recommend your expertise and services to any prospective customer.

Kind regards


2013-03-22 16.06.05

Dale Warmbold

Big thanks to Modurstang today as they gave my SVT a good going over, checking/ modding brakes and bushes to remove the squeaking!
i think its all gone now, just an occaissional one! I gave the car a good run back to Cambridge to test it.
Thanks for additional advice, I’ll be back for a service soon.
Great Guys and Great work!
But you all know that!!

Nigel Pitt

I came down to you on recomendation and customer feedback left on your site. It was good advice by your many satisfied customers!
My service work was just what the car needed and the modified rear arms and top adjustable axle bar have made a noticeable improvement in the ride and feel of the car.
Your money back guarantee is safe- It did exactley what you said it would. My partner Chrissie even commented on the way home that the car ’felt’ noticeably better – as a passenger!
You deserve the reputation you have.. Honest, great value top class spannering and excellent customer care.
I hope to visit you many times in the future for the care lavished on my pride and joy- A stage 3 Saleen Supercharged 2005 Mustang.
Thank you.
Nige Pitt

Andy Parsons

A Big thanks goes out to Mike of MODURSTANG after he completed a top quality job on installing my 500+hp stage 3 Saleen supercharger. Cheers Mike.
From start to finish Mike dealt with me as a true professional. His knowledge in my opinion is second to none. He did an expert job on my Hurst shifter, exhaust cutouts, and supercharger.

Mike, I know where I will be coming for my next mods.
Also: Just like to say a big thank you to Mike for another quality job on my car. Mike installed “Thumpr cams” and Tokico adjustable suspension along with the 3.2 pulley for my Saleen Supercharger. – Thanks Mike.

Richard Robinson

Mike (ModUrSTANG) picked up my car on Monday. He fitted the Saleen supercharger with a Brenspeed tune and brought the car back today (Friday). I’m here to congratulate Mike on the professional job he has done, transforming the Bullitt from a sheep in wolf’s clothing to an absolute animal.!! The car is now like stepping out of a Sierra 1.3 and getting into a chipped Cossie. The difference is unbelievable. My son used to whip my ar– on a stretch of straight road on his KTM overtaking me on the back wheel. Well I can tell you, tonight I was gone with him tailing behind me by 50yds on a 1/2 mile stretch. I cannot thank Mike Lacey enough and would recommend him for any work needed on anyone else’s Mustang.
Three weeks later the car went back for Saleen 14″ 4 pot brake kit, and Tokico D spec adjustable suspension.
Thanks – Richard, 2008 Bullitt.

Nick Fitt

I started racing my Mustang in 2005. At that time, Mike and I were the only guys seriously racing them (S197). As such we struck up a bond pretty quick. Over the years we realised that a lot could be done to these cars to make them quick and handle. Trouble was there was also an awful lot of “bull” too. I have seen so many cars that are far more powerful than mine disappear in my rear view mirror! The reason is that adding power is not enough. You have to have a lot of knowledge about the subtleties of race engineering. That’s where Mike really has helped me. I have dropped my 60′ times down to 1.64, all down to Mike’s knowledge of how to set up the chassis. This has really helped put down the power from the nitrous kit he fitted for me. Even though the car only has 475hp, it is still one of the quickest in the country down the 1/4 mile.

Farard Daver

Well guys its all finished and done!
Ford Racing Whipple 550bhp Supercharger.
All fitted to a top professional standard by MODURSTANG (cheers Mike!)
Amazingly competitive and he even let me help a little too!

Big Razor

Mike did some work for me today. New shocks / springs and exhausts. I’m well happy with the results. He knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone.
Cheers Mike.

Dave Gilley

Without doubt the best person to take a mordern muzzy to if you want it running bloody quick .. have only heard great things

Dave Featherstone

Must admit I have always found Mike very willing and helpful with his advice………..damn fine race car he has to. !

Max Popov

Just wanted to thank Mike for the great job he did on my (his ex) Mustang. Left the car with him for 3.2 pulley swap / upgrade, new belt, supercharger oil change and long tube headers install. The headers were a nightmare – never buy the Boost Brothers ones, got them really cheap off ebay but they proved to be the worst fitment ever…Mike had to put them on and off 6 times and do various changes till he got them right. He fixed also some other things and even polished my car and touched up some of the small daily driver scars. His attention to detail is amazing and I can only recommend him.

Dave Middlemas

Got to send out massive thanks to Mike for fixing me up with my newly enhanced Mustang ! Got it back very recently….and haven’t stopped smiling since! Not only through the sheer power, but also due to Mike being as helpful as anyone could ever wish – constant updates on the car, huge amounts of experience to fix my problems – and an all round good egg!

Gary Thomas-McGenity

I would just like to publicly shout my praise of Mike at Modurstang for his expertise and great service. He carried out my 30,000 service along with changing brake fluid and coolant yesterday and I shall definitely use him from now on for all my work. For all you Mustang owners in the Midlands region you won’t find a better and more knowledgeable guy if you’re considering any Mustang mods or servicing. His rates are really good and he has a great, really well equipped workshop, and he is also a really genuine guy who will provide real advice and solutions that are right for you, not his pocket. I know this sounds like a sales pitch on his behalf but praise where praise is due I always think.
So, a big thumbs up for Mike


Kevin Bennett

Hi Mike
Just a bit of feed back on the changes you did for me.

Cold Air induction and SCT Tuner
I ran the car to and from work just local journeys and one round trip of 80 miles and returned 23 mile to the gallon
I would only return those types of figures on long runs before.

just that minor change of the shocks i have noticed a big difference in corners.

The sound from the Pypes system is perfect. I’ve turned lots of heads in my local area.
The growl as you accelerate through the gears, and the quite rumble when cruising is spot on.
Hope to be back next year for a brake upgrade.!

Thanks for your help.

Steve Morgan

I’ve never in my 49 years put a vehicle into a garage for such extensive work, having done it all myself previously. You read lots of stories about vehicle workshops that rip people of, do poor quality work and are just out to make a buck at someone else’s expense. From the first telephone discussion to meeting you face to face, it was blatantly obvious you are an exception to the rule and your help, advice and the whole package have been exemplary from the start. As long as I have a mustang (or any other car) you will always have my custom and I’ll recommend you to any other like minded enthusiasts.

Some more happy customers


Jon Fife

Proud man.

Don O’Dwyer

Now with black interior

Paul Rolfe


Sukdev Mahal

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