Modurstang’s S550 Mustang

The Modurstang  GT 850R

We have done a huge amount of work in all areas with this car to make it really stand out from the crowd, both in aesthetics and performance.

Now fitted with a 2.9 Whipple and awaiting high flow headers we are expecting to see 850+hp.

We have upgraded the suspension with performance springs from Steeda, and various lock out kits and strengthening components, from BMR, to stiffen the car up and make it handle in a way that matches its new found power.

We have also aided its stopping ability with some 8 pot front and 6 pot rear brake upgrade kits. Lightened drilled discs.

We upgraded to an carbon fibre prop shaft and ford racing half shafts to take the power of the stage 2 Whipple.

There have also been a large amount of hidden modifications under the bonnet that compliment the supercharger kit. These includes:

  • Steeda adjustable engine mounts – to lower the centre of gravity of the car and let the supercharger fit the engine bay more comfortably.
  • Uprated oil pump gears – to eliminate the weakness in the coyotes’ oil system.
  • Uprated crank shaft timing gear – eliminating another weak link in the 5.0 coyote.
  • MMR oil cooler kit – This deletes the oil to water cooler that is prone to failure on the RHD cars and replaces it with an air to oil cooler for more efficient cooling.
  • API SFI balancer – This is a safety feature that should be done for big horsepower cars.
  • 10 rib drive belt system.

We topped this all off with some carbon fibre shields, intake tube and some painted rocker covers to match the colour scheme of the car.

Check out the pictures of the car below:

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