Welcome to Modurstang

The UK based Mustang specialists.

Here at MODURSTANG we specialise in carrying out custom work on Mustangs. MODURSTANG has a reputation for carrying out high quality and high performance modifications on the S197 Mustang, but are not restricted to just this model. Look no further if you are looking for somebody to take care of your car for you. MODURSTANG is the place to come.

If you have any American car that needs attention, call us. You’ll be glad you did! We can carry out anything from a basic service which starts from £160, to a fully custom rebuild on your prized possession. We specialise in taking stock Mustangs and transforming them into something exceptional. Why not check out some of the cars we have modified in the past HERE.

The new 2015 model, the S550 has recently been released in the UK. If you own or are thinking of purchasing one of these new Mustangs, MODURSTANG is the place to come for your maintenance and performance needs. MODURSTANG now has  its own demo model, a yellow S550, so come down and check it out.

We are not contracted to any particular parts or vehicle manufacturers so can install parts to suit your requirements exactly. With our expertise and knowledge, we can guide you in the right direction to achieve the driving experience you’re looking for.


  • Mustang specialists, new and old
  • Centrally based in the UK, Oxfordshire
  • From brakes to blowers
  • Custom paint to unique builds
  • We can supply or are willing to fit your supplied parts
  • We offer advice and consultation 
  • Let us make your dreams a reality
  • Contact us now for anything you require

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